Friday, February 1, 2013

Life of Pi review: Jonsi and Pi

What is there to say about Life of Pi? Only that instead of reading this review you should be watching it. Actually no keep reading.

I will say though, that the ending warrants discussion (possibly for a future blog post after I see it for a second time), and that it is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. One thing I have truly like about Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), director of Life of Pi, that I can say is consistent in every movie I see of his, is his stunningly gorgeous camerawork. He captures images that stand alone as art. For example, he shows reflection of water, one of the main symbols he goes back to, and the way he shows it the viewer simply cannot tell whether what he his looking at is reflection or actually real. He also shows what I can only describe as a sea of meerkats on a mysterious island which reminded me of the sea of sheep in Brokeback Mountain. I love how he sees the art in real things your everyday person would not.

The story is very compelling. It centers on an Indian boy (Pi) whose family owns a zoo, but decides to pack it all up and sell the animals in Canada because Pi's father has a business opportunity there. Well things go terribly wrong during a storm on the freighter and Pi is the only survivor along with the tiger from his zoo. The two have to learn throughout the film to be able to coexist in the limited space they are given on the lifeboat. That is where I will stop with my synopsis.

The only thing I can say negatively is that the beginning of the film is a tad too religious for me but it truly serves a purpose, so I can't really complain. Pi, as an young man and an adult is interested in the many religions of the world and becomes a Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Hindu. He does not just accept these religions however. He questions each holy man on his search for spirituality, which I enjoyed, because he asked the very questions I have about these religions as well as others I am sure.

I will end by saying that I almost felt as I had felt the time I saw Jonsi (Sigur Ros) live. I felt as though it was my personal moment with him (Pi, Jonsi, Ang Lee) even though the concert hall or the movie theater was packed I felt as though I was being let in on a secret. I escaped reality for the 2 incredibly short hours of the concert/movie. And that if nothing else is why you, beloved reader, should see it, because it is not just a movie it is a wonderful experience!

Spiritually yours,