Sunday, March 31, 2013

Horn Crazy

So I was driving today with Brianna (my girlfriend) and this girl around my age is in the car behind me, yapping away on her cell phone. I think my turn is coming up so I begin to slow down...turns out it is the wrong turn. Oops my bad I apologize. She leans on the horn gives it a nice 10 second lean. Bitch get off your cell phone. I didn't endanger anyones life, so why the need for the horn? just cause I had my turn signal on and didn't turn? I didn't even come to a full stop I just slowed down. We keep driving and now my turn actually is coming up. I put my turn signal on, stop cause there is oncoming traffic and what does she do? HONKS at me again! I give her enough room to get by, she drives by STILL ON HER FUCKING PHONE, and gives me another 10 second BEEEEEEEPPPPPPP! If we weren't picking up Brianna's brother/if Brianna wasn't in the car I would have followed this lady beeper!
And please do not think "oh your one of those guys." I would NOT have followed her to beat her up or throw her out of her car or whatever those people do. I would have followed her to give her a lesson she wouldn't forget. I don't want her to ACTUALLY get killed when she BEEPS for no fucking reason at the wrong guy. In those situations I always think if it was anyone else but me what would go down? Now don't go thinking I am a noble guy cause I want her to live. If that bitch fucking dies I wouldn't really care I just would want to avoid death when it would be as stupid as "Bitch dies for beeping at some fucker who is now getting 10 years cause the bitch didn't have an ounce of patience." All I would have done if I got to talk to her without her pulling a gun on me is say "listen lady I mean no harm all I wanted to do was scare you into not being so horn crazy. Was I endangering your life by putting on my turn signal and coming to a stop? No. So listen, if you did that to someone else besides me they would probably follow you, take a crowbar and desimate your car with it. All I am going to do is tell you 2 things: Put your goddamn cell phone away. And 2; only use your horn if you were actually going to die in a situation, cause people don't like getting beeped at, ESPECIALLY for no reason, thanks for your invaluable time." Walk back get in my car and drive away.
So if you are one of those horn crazies, think twice, because I have told you what goes through my mind, and I am generally a nice easygoing dude. To all other people who are not horn crazy I applaud you!