Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Good Deed

2 days ago something quite incredible happened to me. I took my Accounting final, went to my last class of the semester, got back to my apartment, made lunch, cracked open my computer only to find an email from a girl asking me if I lost my calculator because she found one with my name on it. Nothing truly amazing right? WRONG. I immediately checked my bag, and noticed I was indeed missing my calculator, but I remember putting it in my back pack after my test, unless it slipped out. Anyway why is this situation so amazing? Because! This means this girl, picked up my calculator, checked it for my name, THEN reasoned to herself "I can logon to my email and find this person through my school's directory!" maybe I am too cynical but this is just fantastic to me the kindness of this person, to go out of her way to get my my calculator back. The thing is, I wouldn't have noticed I was missing it until I needed it again which probably wouldn't have been until my exam NEXT semester!

On a side note I really didn't care about the calculator, I just cared that this person was so genuinely nice. I believe that no good deed should go unrewarded so I gave her a Starbucks gift card ($25) that I had lying around. She will have no idea until she tries to use it, how much the card is for and I wish I could see her face when she finds out, cause it is a ridiculous reward especially cause she wasn't expecting anything in return!

Another thing that amazes me was that she was pretty attractive. If you are even a decently attractive person on this planet you don't have to be nice to anyone. You can be an absolutely jerk but since you are attractive it doesn't matter, we all know these people. However, if you are unattractive you need to go out of your way to be nice to people, because you already have your unattractiveness going against you! I mean their are exceptions, we know people who are fat, ugly and to top it off complete bitches, but we also know people who are well built, good looking sweethearts.

I guess my point is, that maybe the world is a better place than I think it is. I mean am a pretty cynical person, but I am also a realist. I just don't see it happen very often that a person goes out of their way to help another person. I mean I do it, probably more often than I should, but that's because I had a mom to teach me this stuff. So I what it all boils down to is how good your parents parenting was.