Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Intro To ARK's Ramblings

Hello blog readers! 
Let me first start off by saying - I used to think the world of blogging was lame; I didn’t see a purpose for it. But, the more I learned from different blogs I have come across while browsing and net surfing, my opinion on the matter began to shift. I recently picked up the show Californication, starring David Duchovny and this is the main reason why I write to you today. In the show, Hank Moody (Duchovny) thought much the same of bloggers that I did and somewhat still do; that it should be left to the 40 year olds who live with their mothers… But after hearing Moody’s fictional thoughts go into the word processor, I became intrigued. So as daft as my reasoning may be, I will be keeping you posted on the daily or bidaily things I happen to come across in my life. I may occasionally think up a short story for all you fiction lovers out there. I may start a few series, such as a “life of a college student” type of thing or a short stories series. I don’t want to be a writer by any means, I will leave that to my girlfriend, Brianna, but I do have whacky ideas for stories, novellas, movies and the like. So, whether you feel as I do about blogs, or you absolutely think blogs are the best thing on this planet (I don’t judge) this blog is for you! And without much further adieu… Enjoy what you read! And post some comments on what you may like to read or what you wouldn’t or just to say what up!

Talk to you soon!