Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Business

Two times in the past 2 weeks I have been told how refreshing my attitude towards life is. By this I mean the way I deal with certain situations. For example, my Best Buy story. My friend and I went to see Life of Pi on Saturday night and went to target to get some reasonably priced snacks. He asked me where we were gonna put them to sneak them in. "Dude I am just gonna walk in with them." I said.
"What if we get caught?" He asked.
"I will ask them if they want my business or if they are willing to throw me out just cause I brought food," I said calmly, "and if that doesn't work I will tell them I have food allergies, we will be fine."
"I love your attitude in these situations man." And he wasn't mocking me! I then proceeded to tell him my Best Buy story, which he found hilarious.

The other instance where this happened is when I was told that one of our roommates in our apartment would be moving out, he is from China and wanted to live with an American family before he went back. I completely understood his reasoning, but he told me he would only pay a quarter of the share of rent he originally agreed to pay. Well, I got upset by this so I talked to his roommate (lets call him Jeff) because I didn't want to start anything before I talked to Jeff. Jeff is truly an amazing friend and my best friend at school. He proceeded to tell me how he did indeed feel betrayed, but he didn't want to end on bad terms with the roommate who was leaving. I told him to let me handle it cause I wanted Jeff to not be the middle man. It was just business to me, our roommate signed a contract and sought to make sure he followed through with it. I kept pushing him (cause I am a persistent asshole at times), he told me I was scaring him. At this point he told me "You are a little man, but you have a huge presence and a big personality, I am glad we are going into business together."

So, 2 times in the past 2 weeks 2 of the closest people to me have appreciated my persistent assholiness. Feels pretty good. Pretty good. All it is though is just business.