Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mystery of the New Shoes

I know for a first post it is a little weird for it to be about shoes. That being said, I just received 2 pairs of shoes through Amazon Prime. But this isn't so much about my impressions of the shoes. They are very nice, comfortable, good arch support, etc. This is about a mystery I have yet to figure out about my new Sperry Billfish's, as you can see below. I am going to document the events since I received these lovely shoes.
  1. Wednesday 8:00 PM: Went to my front door to find a box with none other than my Sperry's inside.
  2. Wednesday 8:05 PM: Tried them on, found them to be much stiffer than the ones in the store I went to, but figured they will break in eventually.
  3. Wednesday 8:45 PM: Laid my shoes right under the white board in the kitchen as you can see. 
  4. Note: Picture of replicated events.
  5. Wednesday 10:00 PM: Took a quick look and gave my shoes a little kiss goodnight before I went up to bed (Still nothing out of the ordinary at this point).
  6. Thursday 10:23 AM: Woke up ready to start my day off by going to Starbucks in my new Sperry's. 
  7. Thursday 11:00 AM: Went down stairs to find that ONE of my shoes had been caked in this tan colored grease type liquid! 
  8. Thursday 11:00:05 AM: Quickly reasoned that it could either be my dog's food, my mom's lotion, or taco grease (we had tacos the night before for dinner, but I am not a sloppy eater).
  9. Thursday 11:05 AM: Was rubbing furiously with water and a wash cloth to get the grease off, but was leaving really dark grease spots behind.
  10. Thursday 11:08 AM: Started sobbing.
  11. Thursday 11:08:30 AM: Pulled myself together, left my shoe to dry, went to put on my new Keen Arroyo II's (see below), because I wanted to wear a pair of my new shoes and at this point I didn't care which!
  12. Thursday 11:15 AM: Came back down to find that my new boat shoe had dried with no evidence of the grease and quickly remembered why I love boat shoes so much...
So there is my story, if you think you have any idea what this grease could have been drop a comment, because I am still very curious and have yet to figure out the mystery. Also, check out the shoes I just got. I got the Keen's for $36! They are a size 8 and the uglier of the 2 but if you are like me and always wanted a pair of Keen's there is no excuse but to get them for that price!

Also, my next post will probably be quick reviews of movies I have watched recently. The movies are: Lincoln, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, and Django Unchained. I will be seeing Zero Dark Thirty tomorrow so expect those reviews up soon after.

Thanks for reading!