Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loathing of the Phone

After receiving numerous voicemails saying "I don't know why I bother, you never answer." I have come to a realization: I despise talking on the phone. Let me clarify, I don't like talking on the phone for long periods. Now, I know I sound like an asshole, but let me explain.
First off, if there needs to be a lengthy conversation about life and such it should be done in person. Still assholey? Ok, in person I am there one hundred percent for you. I am not thinking, what could I be doing instead of holding this god damn phone up to my ear. I am reading your body language and truly feeling what you say and how you act.
To put it simply the phone bores me...
So I do not mean offense to those of you who call me. And yes my voicemail does say I will get back to you soon, but I may have forgotten to add in "as long as you don't call me out for not answering" and "leave a specific enough message (which not nearly enough people do) so I know what the hell you want". These are my [quite simple if you ask me] criteria for getting (depending on the situation) a QUICK call back or a text.
And that my friends is why I loathe the phone talking. I do not mean to sound like a meanie, but ,as a lot of wonderful women would say, I cannot help how I feel.